about me

Hi! I'm a music technology PhD student at the University of Sussex. My current research is in computational art, augmented reality (AR), and multisensory displays for human-computer interaction.

Recent Projects

All of my work can be found in the projects page, but here are some highlights!

The presentation (below) and Paper at TEI '21 GSC help in explaining my overall aims and objectives of my PhD

polaris~ (ongoing)

This is my implementation of the open-source Project North Star AR headset in multisensory augmented reality computational art experiences. Here are some links to my creative process with it:






Planning Musical AR Instruments

Developing Musical AR Instruments in PureData

area~ (2020)

The area~ system (augmented reality environmental audio) affords users the ability to spectromorphologically manipulate sounds from their environment into a virtual audio environment, through bone conduction headphones and head & hand tracking

360 / Ambisonic Documentation (2m38s)




Audio Clips

nodenecklace (2019)

The Node Necklace is a generative, interactive, 8 channel audio installation built in Max MSP and Arduino. It uses methods of abstraction, pseudo-randomness and latency to effectively ‘black box’ interactions thus blurring the lines of agency between the participants, the system, and myself as a performer

360 / Ambisonic Installation (1h20m)